Dietetics and Nutrition

The dietetics is a medical specialty which aims to prevent, diagnose and treat health problems related to food. Starting from a first nutritional visit, which reconstructs the medical profile of the patient and his eating practices, the nutritionist can offer each patient an effective nutritional intervention based on the most current scientific evidence. Achieving and maintaining an adequate nutritional status is essential for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases sensitive to diet.
The main areas are:
- physiological and occasional or chronic diseases affecting nutrition (overweight, pregnancy, gastroenterological diseases, rheumatic, infections)
- prevention and treatment of diseases in which diet plays an essential therapeutic role (obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, ischemic heart disease, kidney failure and chronic liver, etc.)
- prevention and treatment of malnutrition resulting from the state of disease (tumors, severe acute diseases, consequences of major surgery)

The study has experts in nutrition.
Thanks also to the presence in Brera Studio medico of a doctor in gastroenterology, you can request medical consultation team.
Upon request, you can book nutritional examination for pediatric patients.
Nutritional consultation, dietetic examaniation, tests for food intolerances (genetic,Cytotest, Breath test)